5 months old baby

Question: Hello all..my son is around 5 months..he has severe rashes on folding areas .am worried pls help

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Answer: Dust some powder and keep it dry ,it might be because of wet skin folds
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Question: My son is 16 months and he has constipation problems. Pls help me
Answer: Hi dear, Constipation in babies would be due to not drinking sufficient water,not enough fibre in diet,eating lot of refined foods.so you need to change baby's routine and lifestyle to treat constipation.once the baby gets up,give a cup of warm water with honey.include lot of veggies in diet,prefer fruits over juices.this would ensure enough fibre in diet.avoid any refined foods, include biscuits,chips,chocolates etc.oats are excellent source of fibre.aone kids gets constipated with cow milk.so observe this change.stop cow milk for two days and see if it makes any difference.give him soups,and plenty of water in a day.make his toilet routined.every day at the same time make him practice popping.it could take weeks to get him habituated,but on a long run this would help.else doctors would prescribe suppositories or laxatives to make him poop.try avoiding at such early age and change his diet.
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Question: My baby is 9 months old he has severe diaper rashes how to remove rashes
Answer: Hi dear, rashes in those cute little bump can be discomforting for baby. U can follow some home remedies to treat diaper rashes like first of all warm that area with plain water only or dip cotton ball and wash then let that dry become dry, apply coconut oil or desi ghee and wear him/her diaper. Always change ur babies diaper after 2 hours also it's very important to give ur baby diaper free time at home during day time. Avoid using wipes on that area as they contain alcohol which can irritate their skin. There many other diaper rash cream available in the market u can go for the one which contain zinc oxide as its really very helpful treat diaper rash. Take care of the munchie.
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Question: Hello....... Please help me i am very much worried my baby is 3 months old and he has got red rashes around his eyes neck arms and legs plz let me know what should i do plz plz reply
Answer: This must be due to dry skin.Give oil massage to baby, avoid soap for some days till rash goes away. Apply good moisturising cream. Lactocalamine helps to reduce itching.If rashes does not come down or any other symptoms appear take to doctor immediately. Otherwise nothing to worry.Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more they help a lot. Take care
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