20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello all and doc. Plz suggest me something last time when I visited doc. She said my blood is thick that why baby is not getting it and doing slow movement.. m worried plz help me...

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Question: Hi doc,I'm not getting pains.so doc said that after 3days do doppler scan and come. So why doppler test is done during this time?
Answer: In case of normal delivery Doppler scan plays an important role. with the help of Doppler scan doctor will check blood flow to uterus Placenta and condition of your baby. This will enable doctor to decide whether normal delivery is possible or not and whether the doctor will induce pain or will wait for c-section.
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Question: My 2.5 months old daughter cries when she urinate, but not all the time,particularly when she is on breastfeeding. Dr said it's normal but I can't see her in pain. and she leaves the feeding plz suggest something
Answer: Hello...dear, passing urine or stool or gas is something to your little one. Hence when it disturbs her breastfeeding session, she cries. There is nothing to be in pain. As crying is the only way to let's know about their feelings... Take care
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Question: My doc said that m baby is not grow properly plzzz suggest me something?
Answer: What's the usg result and how many weeks pregnancy???
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