17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello all, Its my 4th monh.Till 3rd month my doctor wrote me supplements for folic acid but in last visit ahe changed my supplements and write calcium iron and vitamin d's supply .I just wanted to know isnit okay to not to have folic acid supplements in 4th week...

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Answer: All your iron and calcium tabs have folic acid in them. Until 3 months folic acid and after that iron calcium tablets is the normal procedure. You can trust your doctor
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    CA Shikha Sharma964 days ago

    Ok thankyou

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Question: Upto 12 weeks of pregnancy what all supplements do doctors prescribe...is it folic acid just...or iron and calcium given...my doc gave me none..
Answer: hi dear! in the first trimester it only folic acid and if you need other vitamins then you can take them and from 2nd trimester onwards the doctor will prescribe you iron and calcium as an additional medicine and then you will have to continue them till the whole pregnancy dear. if your doctor has not prescribed you then you should take the prescription and start taking the tablets you can consult with your doctor dear. take care dear.
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Question: My doctor started calcium and iron tablets in 4th month . Should I stop folic acid tablet..
Answer: Yes, you can stop folic acid now. As iron tablets given at this stage contain folic acid so plain folic acid is not required
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Question: I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Do I need to take iron supplements now? I'm taking folic acid supplement and calcium supplements.
Answer: You can check with your doctor... Usually they ask you to start iron only if necessary and mostly after your NT scan
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