8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello! Today i had my thyriod profile checked. Doc said it is high. Im 8 weeks pregenNt today. Is there any complication ? FT3=3.4; FT4=12.6; TSH=3.38; TPO=11.3

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Answer: pregnancy thyroid values are different it needs to be lesser than the usual thyroid readings . I'm not sure whether you have thyroid before pregnancy or it is pregnancy thyroid . you must start your thyroid medicines immediately thyroid hormones are very important for the development of the baby . so it is highly recommended to start your thyroid medicine . you can take the prescribed MG tablets in empty stomach every morning . you can get your Thyroid test done after 2 months and if there is any change you can either increase or decrease the prescribed NG with doctor consultation . there is nothing to worry about thyroid if you take your prescribed thyroid tablets everyday . it is quite common that few people get thyroid during pregnancy you can continue your medicines and after your delivery you can get your thyroid test done after few months to ensure whether it was only pregnancy thyroid or you have thyroid .
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    janani panchapakesan599 days ago

    Thank you for your kind reply. I ll start 50mg as presribed

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    Shobana vigneshwar599 days ago

    U r welcome

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Answer: Hi dear, Though your TSH is in normal range but to conceive it is better to lower your TSH further.may be around or below 3.since you are already taking thyronorm,I would advice you talk to your doctor to alter the dose.if you having trouble conceiving,then probably slightly increasing your thyronorm dose might help.but again doctor consultation is mandatory.folvate is folic acid suppliment,so continue taking it.
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