Few weeks old baby

Question: Hello Please can anyone tell me my baby is 11days old not sleeping yet all not even morning n night 24 hr awake only n my baby have loose motion I'm not getting anything please help me anyone 🙏

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Answer: If ur baby is having loose motions consult ur pediatrician immediately baby many loose water in the body
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Question: My baby is not sleeping at night and getting awake and ask for feeding all the time? And not even sleeping in day time.
Answer: Dear you need to make a schedule for the baby from now only which will help you in the coming days. First of all start massaging ur baby. As lack of activity may cause sleeplessness for the baby. At this age they sleep during the day so usually have problems sleeping in the night. I massaged my daughter twice a day. In morning before the bath and she slept after the it for 2-3 hours and at night before sleep which made her sleep peacefully. Also please see if ur baby is hungry even after the feed as that could mean ur breastmilk isn't sufficient for ur baby. Usually if the baby is taking the feed for half an hour then they ask for the next feed after 3-4 hours. Hope it helps.
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Question: today from the morning I'm suffering from loose motions. even not able to eat anything!please help me and tell any remedies.
Answer:  loose motion during pregnancy makes you weak and dehydrate. So most important drink ORS every 1 hour. Dissolve half spoon mustard seeds in water for 1 hour. Drink this water. Pomegranate juice is very good in loose motion. Methi seeds powder is also helpful for dysentery. Add jeera powder, little black salt and a pinch of black pepper in butter milk and drink it. Soak sago for 3 hours in water and have it. Eat curd and moong dal khichdi.
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Question: Hiii my baby is not eating anything whatever n whenever he eats doing vomit n loose motion help me please
Answer: Hi, if motion S green,slimy n stinky it's infection. Please visit doctor asap don't wait till baby gets weak. Keep giving him it's water. Take care.
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