14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello... Now I'm in 4th month of pregnancy. I'm have a doubt.. Is there any chance of jaundice...?

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Question: Can anyone clarify me this doubt , during pregnancy is there any chance of getting delayed periods?
Answer: Hi dear there is no chance of period if u r pregnant. If u have profound discharge then don't wait even for a second and visit ur doctor as it could be a serious situation.
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Question: Hi..a general doubt.. if we took sperm and put in in vagina is there any chance of getting pregnant?
Answer: There is a medic procedure for that. One cannot manually do that as no knowledge of where to place it. If u want to try u can no harm in it...just kidding
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Question: Hi i have a doubt. My husband did not discharge at intercouse if there any chance of pregnancy
Answer: solution for white discharge in post pregnency mine is c-section,and baby is 3months old
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