Few days pregnant mother

Question: Hello.. My lmp was 28th jan.. Nw today is 1st march.. And i checked with prega news itz showing positive with two dark lines.... Now what should be my nxt step.. Plz help me out...

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Answer: Helo dear,firstly congratulations as you conceived . now you have to take care of yourself a lot and after one week you have to contact your gynecologist . Because you have to start Folic acid supplement calcium supplement and iron supplement as soon as possible in first trimester and if any hormonal medicine or injection is needed your gynecologist will prescribed you. wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy
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    Kanishka Shah458 days ago

    Tnnxx alot. Mam.....

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Question: my last LMP was 12th March, I checked with prega news and it showed 2 pink lines..when should I visit a doctor
Answer: Now u can visit nd consult with doctor for avoid any complications
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Question: My last period date was 19th November. Today I'm checked with prega news and its positive. Is I'm a pregnant? Does prega news gives correct result
Answer: Yes dear u r expecting.. Prega news give exact result. So when u enters Ur 9 th week go and consult gynecologist. Congratulations on your pregnancy. If it's useful please mark as helpful
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Question: Yesterday and today i test with prega news...yestery two lines shown one dark and other light pink.....today also two lines are showing but much darker than yesterday.... Shoul i go to Doctor for pregnancy chackup
Answer: Hi! Yes you can, its darker because HCG hormone keeps increasing. You can go and get yourself checked. Good luck!
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