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Question: Hello, My imp was 1st Feb.. I had all the symptoms of pregnancy but today I got bleeding with stomach ache... What should I do... Plz guide me...))))

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Question: i missed my period my LMP was 23rd feb but i dont do pregnancy test whn should i do n tell me the symptoms of early pregnancy
Answer: U can do pregnancy test once u missed ur period. Early symptoms includes fatigue and u might see white discharge from vagina
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Question: I had all the symptoms of periods but no bleeding I have watery white discharge now I have a kind of symptoms of pregnancy...i had been diagnosed with thyroid and pcos.. can anyone please help me with the answers
Answer: U can check with urine test at home if period doesn't start in 3 4 days and use first urine of of luck.
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Question: I had last lmp on 5th jan n had all the pregnancy symptoms bt today I got periods in the morning n on the afternoon it stop with brown bleeding after that whenever am claiming stairs am getting bleeding
Answer: Hello! Please consult the doctor. It does not seem like periods bleeding. Please see a good doctor. Take care
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