1 months old baby

Question: Hello ... My delivery becm 40 days bfre... My bleeding hd stopped but frm ystrday its heavy bleeding should i consult d doctor??

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Answer: hi dear! yes dear you should consult with your doctor as you are experiencing heavy bleeding dear after you were done with bleeding dear. so do visit yoru doctor and see if everything is going good dear. also after the delivery you can have light bleeding till 4-6 weeks dear but if you are experiencing heavy bleeding we should visit a doctor dear. as you are loosing blood dear. dont worry it will be fine . take care dear.
Answer: Hello!! Yes, please consult the doctor as heavy bleeding should not start again. Doctor needs to check you and accordingly will give you medicine. Take care
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Question: Hello doctor. My baby is 40 days old. And my problem is my bleeding has not stopped. What should I do
Answer: hi dear! so your bleeding should stop by now dear if you have delivered by c section. if you still bleeding in a good quantity then my advise would be you should visit your doctor dear. as an examination would be better and dont worry with medicine you will stop bleeding and have regular periods later on. take care dear.
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Question: After delivery i started bleeding and little bleeding has continued till 35days and stopped .and again after 6 days means 41day heavy bleeding again started it not stopping.is it my menstrual period or anyother should i consult my doctor immediately?
Answer: Hi, Dear some mom's get there period right after there 40 days bleeding after delivery. So this must be your regular period. So don't worry it's completely normal . Flow after delivery can be high or low . So don't worry. Wait for 5-6 days and if the flow didn't stop then consult with your doctor. Otherwise it's completely normal..
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Question: Its been 1 month 10 days of my delivery and my bleeding stopped 3 days back and since yesterday its bleeding heavy. Is it normal?
Answer: Dear it can your normal periods start now. Some moms do get there normal delivery right after there delivery bleeding. So don't worry.. But if the bleeding exceed 7-8 days them do consult with your doctor...
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