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Question: Hello, My baby is 17 days old, due to flat nipples and less milk supply,my baby was on Nano pro and xpressed milk. Now nipples are out and milk supply has also increased but baby latches not more than 5 mins. So have to express and give. How can i get her used to breastmilk,tried nipple shield doesn't work all the time.

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Answer: When a baby is fed by bottle they develop nipple confusion. First thing you can do to reverse that is stop bottle feeding. You can use spoon or cup to feed the baby. For the baby to latch long enough to get the required milk the latch should be correct. You can watch videos on YouTube for proper latching. Have a lot of skin to skin contact. Be patient. Also if the baby latches for 5 minutes it could be that he has taken sufficient amount of milk. To know this you have to see if the baby is satisfied after feeding, baby sleeps and your breast feels soft after feeding. In this case you don't have to worry as baby has adequately been fed because if the latch is proper and milk supply is adequate then baby feeds for only about 5-10 min. Hope this helps else you can meet a lactation consultant.
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Question: I have flat nipples and even less milk supply i m using nipple shield.but its uncomfortable for my baby.please help
Answer: Hello mommies .. flat nipped can be soughted by feeding more.. the more u feed the supply will increase.. breastfeeding is initially difficult journey for both mom and baby.. so u need to keep calm and patiently work on it.. the more the baby will latch to breast it will help the nipple to come out..
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Question: How safe it is to use nipple shield? I have flat nipples &my 2month old baby doesn't drink till i use nipple shield
Answer: Hi dear it is fine if u r using nipple with proper hygiene . Do make sure to sterelise before every use and massage ur nipple 6 to 7 Times a day with coconut oil. It will help u to cure the flat nipple problem.it will not be practical for u everytime to sterilise. Also try to give milk without shield to baby while sleeping . Baby may take it being in sleep.
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Question: My baby latches only nipples which is very painfull. I have cracked, sore and bleeding nipples. I tried everything to make her latch properly but with no success. I tried nipple shields too but she refuses to drink with it. I ordered pump, to express milk and give it to her but pumping made things more worse. Pls suggest me, what to do
Answer: use nipple protection caps of silicon while breastfeeding....they are available on Amazon...may be also available in local market
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