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Question: Hello... My baby girl is 12days old. At the time of birth she was IUGR. Her birth weight was 2.2kg. She was in NICU for 4days. And her bilirubin level was 9.8 on her 3rd day. Now she is at home. During these days I just watch her either sleeping or crying for milk. She don't even breastfeed. Always in a very bad mood. Is this a situation to worry about? Please tell me how to take care of her.

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Answer: How do you she's crying for milk only??might be she's facing pain in any part of her body.
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    Sujata Das605 days ago

    No. She had some problem with gas. I visited my pediatrician. He said as she is on formula feed dats why she might have some problem with gas. He prescribed a medicine for dt. N also said to force her to breastfeed. But she is so adamant dt she is denying all my efforts. N whenever she is crying i m giving her formula n den she is asleep again.

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    Miss Calling604 days ago

    Ohhh. Bt if u give fm to her thn she always deny bm. Because taste of fm is far better thn bm. So better not to give her fm.

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    Sujata Das604 days ago

    I tried hard to make her habituted to suck. Bt totally deny to suck. So i had to give her formula. Coz she cries so badly. I jst cant control her.

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