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Question: Hello Mommies, My concern is my weight. As of now I am 102kg and want a normal delivery. This is my second baby. First one is normal and that time my weight was 84 something. I just want to know us there any ways to go for normal one. I discussed with my doc, she also said no issues in normal delivery, but still I am concerned about the same. Pls help me if any one knows the solution. Thanks in advance

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Answer: Hi dear I think you should not to worry if your doctor has already told you and assure you that there is no problem in normal delivery please don't get anxious unnecessarily because it creates a lot of negative impact on you and on your pregnancy health so even if you know that the weight is more but your doctor is already there to help you out and your doctor has assured that yes there is a way for a normal delivery in your case so I would suggest that please stay calm have faith and be positive about yourself that is what is required fr now.. All the best!
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Question: Hi, My baby is 5 months old n I have put on the weight post delivery. I want to reduce my weight in one month but I can't do exercise as I don't get time for the same. Can drinking ajwain water help in the same without causing any side effects? Please suggest some other easy n effective ways too. Thanks.
Answer: Heyy how are you😃..I know loosing weight post delivery is quite challenging..but it would eventually shed if you observe your diet well.i used to be thankfull to my breastfeeding,as I lost quite a lot of weight.had no junk and sugar in my diet.started walking too.it helped me to.loose weight too.ou can have ajwain water ..no issues..take time and dnt be in a hurry.
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Question: Mam ... My weight is 84 kgs..... How to get normal delivery?? Plz... Suggest any precautions....
Answer: Hello dear, Don't take stress, I am sending 3  Surprising Tips for an Easier Labor  to practice in your third trimester. Preparing for childbirth doesn't just mean hiring a doula and packing your hospital bag; it also means getting ready for what might be the most challenging physical task you've ever faced.  women who ate dates daily during their ninth months were less likely than non-date eaters to need medication to start labor or to help it keep progressing. Women who slept fewer than six hours during the last month of pregnancy labored for 11 hours longer and had Cesarean sections four times more frequently than women who slept seven hours or more,  To get comfortable, use body pillows, sleep in a recliner. Upright positions allow gravity to help move the baby along, which may shorten labor by an hour, To stay vertical, you'll need strong legs. "The most important exercise for childbirth is squatting, Practice your squat by placing an exercise ball between your lower back and a wall. Walk your feet out as far as you can, rotate your toes and hips outward, then do three sets of 15 squats.
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Question: Hi mommies. My latest scan at 33 weeks showed baby weight of 1944 gms. Is the weight ok. If less, how to increase the wt? Thanks in advance.
Answer: Hi. Your babies weight is perfect. Approx weight of baby at 33 week should be 1900 gm. So dont worry. Having protien rich diet will help you maintain babies weight. Also being active os also equally important.
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