8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Mam .... I' m 4 weeks pregnant and i have thyroid problem so my doctor suggest me to take Eltroxin (50) & Lupi HCG (50000) injection Folnite Gestin Pan (40) These medicines are good for me or not...??? I can take it or not....??? Please suggest me Mam....!

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Question: Hello Dr I am 6 week pregnant my Dr given me lupi hcg 5000 injection and proluton Depot injection once in a week I want to ask why these injection are given after taking these injections gastric problem arise
Answer: Hi Dear! Lupi HCG is to increase HCG the pregnancy hormone in body and Proluton depot is progestin which is similar to female hormome progesterone, both r important in pregnancy hence cant b avoided, pls keep snacking frequently to avoid gastritis, keep yourself hydrated.. Good luck!
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Question: Hai I am 8th month pregnant.My doctor suggested me to take maintane 500 injection and susox 10 tablets these are safe or not please give me your suggestion.
Answer: You have been given this to prevent preterm labor please takebit to reduce risk of preterm labor.
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Question: Dr still not given me scan or ultrasonic testing ,im scared.rather he gave me Lupi HCG injection..is their any Problems? please tell me
Answer: Hi No need to worry about that Normally hcg injection will give for pregnancy womens to avoid miscarriage Then the scan oy be offered an early scan if you are experiencing problems such as pain or vaginsal bleeding Yoir first scan will ne taken between aboit 10 to 24 weeks pregnant So next check up your doctor will definately do that
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Question: My doctor has advised me to take progesterone medicines such as gestofit, susten or naturogest 400mg. But on searching these medicines, it is shown that these medicines must not be taken during pregnancy. Please advise or comment
Answer: Dear nothing like this if Dr. Felt the requirement of this progesterone tablets for you it must b important for you . This tablet increase the progesterone level into ur body when ur body is not producing this hormore naturally . Progesterone is important in pregnancy.So no need to worry take this table n if u still hav any doubt then ask ur Dr. Clearly n definitely she will answer all ur questions
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