8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Mam .... I' m 4 weeks pregnant and i have thyroid problem so my doctor suggest me to take Eltroxin (50) & Lupi HCG (50000) injection Folnite Gestin Pan (40) These medicines are good for me or not...??? I can take it or not....??? Please suggest me Mam....!

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Question: Hello Dr I am 6 week pregnant my Dr given me lupi hcg 5000 injection and proluton Depot injection once in a week I want to ask why these injection are given after taking these injections gastric problem arise
Answer: Hi Dear! Lupi HCG is to increase HCG the pregnancy hormone in body and Proluton depot is progestin which is similar to female hormome progesterone, both r important in pregnancy hence cant b avoided, pls keep snacking frequently to avoid gastritis, keep yourself hydrated.. Good luck!
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Question: Hi am 18. Week pregnant my doctor suggested take pan 40 and I have thyroid so in the morning which tablet I should take firstpan or thyroid plz help me
Answer: Hi, pan 40 is an antacid and hence can be taken after you have taken the thyroid or also along with the thyroid. There is no problem.
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Question: Hai I am 8th month pregnant.My doctor suggested me to take maintane 500 injection and susox 10 tablets these are safe or not please give me your suggestion.
Answer: You have been given this to prevent preterm labor please takebit to reduce risk of preterm labor.
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