16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Mam. I have daily back pain when I wake up in morning and whenever I lay down on bed for rest. Is there any exercise to get rid off from this.

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Answer: hello dear, yes there is some exercise which will help you to reduce the pain. first is back stretching exercise back stretching you can do throughout the you pregnancy till your delivery it's very good exercise which help to relief back pain as well as help to induce labour in advance pregnancy. another exercise you can do is pelvic , to do this exercise just lay down on your back and slowly bend the pelvis, hold for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat this for 15 times. this also help to reduce back pain. Kegel exercise is also good to relief from back pain. images are available on net but before doing Kegel exercise ask your gynecologist once. hope this will help you.
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    akanksha sharma963 days ago

    Ok mam.. thank you

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Question: When I wake up I have gas pain every morning..is there any problem???
Answer: Hi, dear it used to happen with me also in my pregnancy. It's extremely normal so here are few tips that can help you get relief from gas; Drink butter milk as much as you can for 2 days, heartburn will get cure easily. Every day eat curd rice at least once a day keeps away from acid. For instant relief from heartburn drink a glass of Lassi ( sour yoghurt with sugar and water). When you have more heartburn, drink 1-2 liters of warm water with a pinch of salt at a time on an empty stomach in the morning and try to vomit as much as possible. Or you can simply drink a glass of luke warm water just before brushing yourteeth and try to make only after brushing. Drinking carrot juice or eating raw carrots regularly helps to overcome acidity. Drinking coconut water once you awake in morning helps to curb this. .
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Question: When i lay down on bed My hips buttocks back thighs pain terribly
Answer: Hi.. Dear back pain during pregnancy is common, because the ligaments in your body naturally becomes softer and stretch to prepare you for labour. This puts a strain on joints of your lower back and pelvis, which causes back pain. It will be fine after your delivery. Try using Maternity pillow or number of soft pillows for support, it will give you some comfort.
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Question: Hello I Have severe lower back pain..whenever I wake up in the morning...how to get relief?
Answer: If you have calcium rich food items then you won't get back pain and you can drink milk and eat egg to get enough calcium
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