38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello... M 38week pregnant and from morning i hv pain in right side of stomach wen i move or wen i get up.... Pls tel me is it to worry or not..

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Answer: Hi dear there is nothing to be worried about during this time of pregnancy since you are already 38 weeks in your pregnancy there will be a feeling like contractions and this kind of pain because your body is getting ready to deliver a child are so this kind of pain is normal sometimes they will be paying shooting pain in your vaginal bone due to which you won't be able to walk or take turns while you are sleeping so these things are common in the you will feel it on and off for 2 more weeks.. Hope this helps!
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    sameena syed878 days ago

    Thank u so much to relax me

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Answer: Hello! Mild stomach pain is common. But if you are having pain which is more like cramps of period. If it comes and goes after each interval, then definitely it is labor pain. In such case you need to call your doctor. Take care
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Question: I am 24 weeks pregnant. from morning pain in the right side of my stomach. y is it.
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