30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello... Is that ok to sleep right or left side by side???

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Answer: Yes, absolutely. When I was pregnant I was also confused. But my doctor said that it is fine to sleep on both the sides. You cab change between the right and the left side. There is no problem.
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    Payal Bhatiya406 days ago

    Thank you so much for your tips...

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Question: Hello, I am 22 weeks pregnant. Is it ok to sleep on my back or should I strictly sleep on left side or right side
Answer: Sleeping on the back will cause muscle cramps. Sleep more on the sides esp left side to increase blood circulation, reduce cramps and increase oxygen flow for the baby
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Question: I like to sleep only right side, rarely sleep in Left side is it ok or not
Answer: Hi. Yes. Right or left you should just sleep on your sides bith the positionnis good to sleep. Just avoid sleeping straight and on your tummy.
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Question: I am uncomfortable to sleep left right side... Its necessary to sleep left or right side ????
Answer: But now you can sleep straight. Always sleep left side it's good for baby and u too
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