6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Im 6weeks pregnant...I hv severe cold n congestion....My doc.has given me Augmentin 625mg...thrice a day...Isnt it too much ? Im worried abt t dosage. Can any1 help n ans.if she gave me dosage that is ok for me n my baby?

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Answer: Hi dear..u shouldn't doubt ur doctor..She will not take any risk wid ur pregnancy ☺️
Answer: Doc knows better than us. So, please follow ur doc advise.
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Question: Im 13 weeks pregnant, having severe cough chest congestion and cold. My gynec suggested augmentin 625mg twice a day for 5 days. Is it okay n safe im still not convinced. Please suggest
Answer: Hii ... augmentin 625mg is safe as my doc also suggested same and i had it in 1st trimester .
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Question: Im 6weeks pregnant, im 30 years old n my doc.has given me Progesterone tablets..Is it ok to take them as this is my 2nd pregnancy n last time she didn't gv me any meds like this...
Answer: Hello dear. I have already answered the question. Progesteron is given for the maintenence of early pregnancy and is absolutely safe to be taken. Please do not worry. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello ...Im 6weeks pregnant n suffer from cold , cough n sore throat...Im having off again on fever of 99.8 ...I read somewhr that underlying fever can be harmful for t baby...Im really worried for my baby...Doc.says to take meds n rest bt its not helping much..Feels like a Viral infection bt she hasn't given any antibiotics..only paracetamol 500mg thrice a day( 5days)...Im really worried.plz rply some1 asap
Answer: hi there it's not only about the internal fever it is due to cough and cold for that only you have a very minimum temperature of your body for which the doctor has suggested your medicines please note antibiotics are not suggested during pregnancy and Paracetamol is very safe during pregnancy to consume for Fever cold and cough etc. and if it is a viral fever it will stay up to two 27 days and the symptoms can also purchased but please wait and have patience it will all be fine and you will feel better so there is nothing to be worried about follow what your doctor says diligently you and your baby will both be safe .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I hav severe acidity and severe heart burn ... cant even take iron n folic acid tabs.. im vomitin immediately after takin tab because of severe acidity ... wt should i do now ? Im very much worried abt my baby
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry giving u some remedies-say a big no to spicy,fatty meals. Take ur meals early don't late more than 3 hours before bed. Don't lie down just aftwr taking meal wait for at least 1hour give time to ur food to digest. Take plenty of water.Chewing gum may also help u.Hope the remedies will help.Take care.
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