30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello ........I took my 29th week...scan....doctor told that baby growth is normal...but the fluid level is more than the normal......is this a great problem...pls give me suggestion

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Answer: Dont worry its not a grt prblm
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    Peer Kathija842 days ago

    Can we reduce the fluid level

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Question: Hi, today I went checkup doctor told that amniotic fluid is more than the normal, is there any problem if is more, plz reply
Answer: Hi good eve ,this is called polyhydramnios. when amniotic fluid is more than normal range many reasons for it . so better to get evaluated properly by your gynecologist . delivery will be decided by your gynocologist based on many factors.pls take care.tq
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Question: My water level is 16 now, doctor told that is more than usual. Is that a problem for normal delivery
Answer: I would say it is still in normal level.may b reaching to borderline high.chcj your sugar level.if it is fine then no need to worry.mine was 15 and still.managed till full term.so donot worry
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Question: I m 30weeks pregnant now.. doctor says that my amniotic fluid is more than the normal level..what causes more fluid during this period
Answer: No worry. Be cool. May be chance to deliver before the due date thats it
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