9 months old baby

Question: Hello ! I need an advice from a professional. My daughter is having fever from yesterday evening. The fever is at constant temperature, 100deg f to 101deg f till now. No medications given . Should i be worried?

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Answer: Hello , 100 deg temperature no need medication . Do your baby is having any problem passing motion. Due to the pblm also the temperature will not get reduce . Apply oil on tummy area and down part of baby . If the baby tummy felt better you can see the change in temperature also . Give some fluids like juice , better milk and all . Dont worry check the temperature constantly .
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    samadrita paul choudhury685 days ago

    Thank you.. she did pass stool this morning but quantity was less as to what she does everyday

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Question: My baby has cold since yesterday. Have given her nasal drops . Now she her temperature is 99.1 F. Should i give her fever drops or not
Answer: at 99 degrees Fahrenheit my doctor said that no treatment should be given unless it is hundred degrees . try to cure the cold massage some ghee on the forehead nose and chest of the baby roast ajwain tie in a hanky and make your baby smell this also warm the chest . massage some ghee on the feet also .
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Question: I have fever from 3 days and from yesterday am having cough as well. Should i be worried? Please reply
Answer: Hi dear. it is not good to have fever during pregnancy , don't ignore this , don't take any risk by waiting for some home remedies to show effect. Better get your fever treated. and don't try to take any medicine without doctors prescription . Takd care
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Question: My baby is having a constant temperature between 100deg F to 101deg F from yesterday evening. She seems a bit lethargic and her head is warmer as compared to the other parts of her body.no medications given till now gor the same.Should i be concerned ?
Answer: Dear please give fever medication to baby otherwise fever will not come down also if fever is above 99° then do ice cold compress to baby to lower the body temperature.. also visit a doctor and get baby checked..
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