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Question: Hello I'm 8th month pregnant and I'm noticing some milk type liquid flowing from my breasts. Is it normal ??

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Answer: Yes it's completely normal and good it's a sign that your body is getting prepared for breast milk in future.
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Question: I'm 9weeks pregnant Some type of liquid is producing from my nipples Is it fine???
Answer: White or milky discharge from breast in pregnancy is normal this fluid is called colostrum it's a form of milk that is secreted from your nipple. This the sign that your body is preparing up for breastfeed your baby. Many women experience colostrum leakage throughout pregnancy and even after the birth. If you are uncomfortable with the discharge try wearing some thin nursing pads in your bra.
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Question: My son ear is flowing... Some yellow type liquid...Why it is doing?
Answer: It is called ear infection.there are two reasons behind it.either you feed your baby in lying position or he might hav cold.if it is due to cold then its a bacterial infection and need to be treated wid antibitics.usually ear infection lasts within3-4 days but need to be treated properly.it occurs to due to bacteria trapped behind eardrum .once eardrum ruptures you will see that yellow liquid coming out.its very painful for babies.they become irritated.happened with my baby due to cold that too in both ears.that was such a bad experience for me ...i was very worried.but now i have taken care of it...
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Question: Hello im 18 weeks pregnant and i have leakage of some kind of liquid from my breasts.. is it ok .
Answer: This is absolutely common dear.. breast leaking is normal during pregnancy.. please use breast pass incase the leakage is too much..
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