6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, I'm 5week pregnant , I did my urine test again in today's morning and after sometime I had brown bleeding in low quantity and i have no abodemen pain, no vomiting and diarrhea and another symtoms of morning sickness. So I want to ask that I'm still pregnant or not, and can I go for long distance by train in next week Plzz tell me I'm very tensed.

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Answer: Is it positive?? Visit ur gynaecologist at the earliest dear
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Question: I'm 5week pregnant, my last period was 20th January and i checked my pregnancy test on 25th January but today I did once again my urine test for conforming about preganancy and the result is positive but after sometime I had light brown bleeding but it's not in more quantity and i have no abodemen pain, so i want to ask that I'm still pregnant or not? Plz rply me I'm very tensed
Answer: Hello... Dear spotting is common in early pregnancy, it is known as implantation bleeding,so don't get worried, but consult doctor they will guide you better
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Question: I'm 5week pregnant. And I have no morning sickness but I have pain in stomach lower area.It's any serious problem.??? I mean my baby
Answer: Good morning madam, last month 13th November my date till I didn't get the period. I used pregnancy kit in that 2lines came .it is true just 2days only results will came na madam.is it correct.before I have a baby she is 8years old.now I'm 34years madam.it is shameless.im yoga trainer madam how to maintain the pregnancy please give the suggestion s.
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Question: I am 5week pregnant still no vomiting no morning sickness and any other symptoms what is the reason
Answer: It is not compulsory to have morning sickness when you are pregnant.you may not have the symptoms through out ur pregnancy or you may have the symptoms later..take care
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