17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I'm 17weeks pregnant. Recently suffering from leg pain whole day.. is it common? I have a low lying placenta

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Answer: Leg pain is common... Even same happening to me since last few weeks so nothing to worry.... Drink a lot of water it helps in pain reduction
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Question: hi..i m 17weeks pregnant...Low lying placenta is it serious??? Plss rply
Answer: It's not much Seriosu dear. But you to be little more careful. Avoid travelling dear, avoid unnessary bending sitting and standing for too long time. Avoid claimbing steps. You have to more careful. Follow the instructions as doctor told you. Take medicine properly. Drink lots of water to keep yourself well hydrated Take good rest and sleep. Eat healthy food
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Question: I have no energy. Whole day I'm lying on bed. Nausea, vomiting, headache, leg pain... Is it normal?
Answer: First of all congrats! Coming to your question...., it's Absolutely normal.....! Your body will have maximum adaptive changes to make the environment conducive for your developing baby.....and hence it all happens! So, no need to worry....eat well and healthy foods... meet your gynecologist, get advice to control nausea, vomiting....
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Question: Does low lying placenta causes pain in right stomach? I'm suffering from this. 13 weeks pregnant.
Answer: Hi, low lying placenta does not cause pain. Pain can be due to the expanding uterus which causes the muscles and the ligaments to stretch. Mild pain is normal and nothing to worry.
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