14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.. I m 13 week pregnant. In my ultrasound is placenta is placed anterior reaching upto os.. To Mujhai koin sai month tak movement pata chaliga?? Or kitna chance hai ke placenta Uper chala jaiga

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Answer: Abhie to early pregnancy mein hein aap. So there is hope. Uterus grow hoga tho placenta upar jaayega.
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Question: hi, i m 16 wks pregnant.. in mah nbnt scan.. placenta is anterior in lower segment with its lower nargin reaching upto inernal Os , Grade O.. is it normal?
Answer: hi dear! so in the scan it shows an anterior placenta which is positioned on the front wall of your womb, on your belly side. and its in the lower segment which which that the placenta is low lying dear and it is touching the internal os which is not a problem as it is not blocking the cervix(birth canal). Grade 0 means your placenta does not show any calcifications and therefore has not started to mature which is good for 17 weeks.dear. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you!
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Question: 21 week me mera placenta is anterior, grade 0 hai .lower margin of placenta is reaching upto the internal os .now I am 24 week. kya mai 2-3 hours train travel kr sakti hu.
Answer: I will not advise you because your Placenta is low it is already reaching the cervix junction and if you travel by train or do in exertion then there are chances that your cervix main open early before the time and you may have to undergo delivery and give birth to a premature baby so that will be very hard for you so I will advise you to take complete bed rest for the entire duration of your pregnancy I know this is very hard but it is important as of now for your baby once your baby is delivered or once you reach 37 week also--- it is a good time to get delivery not to worry but right now you will have to undertake a little bit pain and keep stick to your bed only set for eating food or going to bathroom you can also take bed bath now but you have to be seriously following complete bed rest thing
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Question: placenta previa ws diagnosed in 19 week scan..doc didn't ask me to avoid sex ..stop goin fr walk n other activities....???. my ultrasound report says anterior placenta reaching upto os???....what does that mean??
Answer: Doctor didnt tell you anything because at 19-20 weeks of pregnancy its too early to get concerned about placenta previa because as Pregnancy Progresses and your baby will grow so will the uterus grow and expand and it will naturally move upwards....Having sex and going for a walk and doing other activities he would've stopped you only if you had any other conditions along with placenta previa like bleeding or baby growth issues or blood pressure but as long as other things looks good doctor will not be bothered about it neither you should be.
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