Few days old baby

Question: Hello. I have one week old baby. From evening I am suffering from siverae headache. Shall I take headache tab for that. It there any effect for baby

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Answer: It's OK to take paracetamol tablet. No effect on baby
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Question: Hi iam 16 week pregnant...i am suffering from headache from last one month...is there any remwdy for that
Answer: hi you can try this home remedies you should apply Eucalyptus oil on the forehead you should make a cake taste of Cinnamon and water and massage with this on your forehead and keep it on the forehead for 20 minutes then version you can also apply balm and do massage you should take Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon on this should help you
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Question: I am suffering from sevear headache shall I take any pain killer
Answer: Hi dear, Head ache causes because of lack of oxygen supply to blood..just take water as much you can n relax yourself water contains oxygen and it helps to relieve from head ache Also take some warm water in a big bowl and keep your foots soaked in that water for 10-15 min and press your toe gently it helps to keep your blood flow normal and relax you from stress which contrils head ache Controlling pain killers is much better as it ll become a habit
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Question: I am suffering from headache daily evening time is there any problem
Answer: Headche due to dehydration. . Consume lot of water and fresh juice then cucumber contains lot of water content .. if u can't bear the pain ask ur loved ones to massage ur head ..take a warm bath tst ease ur pain n u vil feel comfort..
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