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Question: Hello...I have irregular periods and I had my periods from Jan 5th to Jan 25th...Now from past 1 and half week I'm feeling very tired also not able to walk and feeling hungry often don't knw y it's happening...My blood count is 9.1 it has increased now before I had 8 oly that time I didn't face these kind of symptoms. ..can anyone suggest me abt this please

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Answer: Hi dear if we are periods are irregular and it is naturally not normal to have periods for 20 days long now I am sure that you must be under medication or some kind of a treatment so please try to understand the problem first and low hemoglobin can make you a little less energetic you might feel tired and if you have missed your break periods in February then this is a good time to check for the pregnancy as well if you are planning for it if your test strip shows you two pink lines then you are pregnant.. Hope this helps!
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    Veena MS606 days ago

    Thank you so much

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Answer: Hello.. It's completely normal to feel tired during pregnancy. ... Although, if you're working or have a busy family life, you'll have a lot on your plate and will feel tired as a result. As you approach your due date, the tiredness will probably return, because your increased weight places extra strain on your body.
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Question: Last 15th jan i had my periods biy till nw i hvnt got my periods.. And I am feeling tired vomitting sensation stomach pain
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Answer: Have blood test and check your TSH level. It's one of reason for irregular periods and not able to conceive
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