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Question: Hello I got my last period on 11th jan My periods are always irregular like I have pcos and I get it in 3 or 4 months But this this time I got 3 days spotting only during urine sometimes a lil red and lil pink and brown too that was from 25 to 28th feb only... I just wanted to know that can it be pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi dear, i will suggest you to take a pregnancy test first. Then consult your gynac dear.
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Question: My lmp was 26 jan on 25 feb i was spotting with pink mucus then on 26 & 27 bleeding was bright red but not heavy like normal periods.. then again from 28 till today it was brown & pink mucus like it pregnancy symptoms?? I m trying to concieve for 13 months
Answer: hi dear! no dear this is not pregnancy you will miss your periods and there wont be any discharge except a white one.if you have had a bright red bleeding then this cannot be pregnancy dear. and if you are planning from a long time try to do your tsh and sugar levels. also if you are facing this type of discharge from a long time then do visit your doctor . also do your follicular study that will help you to keep a track on the follicle and with that information you can have intercourse on a specific day to get pregnant dear. so do that it can be done by a sonologist dear. so do meet one. and also i hope you are taking folic acid tablets . take care dear.
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Question: I am having dark brown discharge past few days.. Sometimes its just like spotting and sometimes its lil more.. And sometimes i have backpain just like period cramps.. Is it ok?? I even asked my obsgyn abt this and she prescribed hormonal tabs.. What do hormonal tabs do? Will spotting be stopped by hormonal tabs?
Answer: hi it is advisable to consult to doctor it can be implantation bleeding which happens when fertilized egg implants itself to the lining of the uterus for due to some hormonal imbalance which way required some hormonal tablets it is advisable to consult the doctor and act accordingly
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Question: My period was 28th June til date I didn't get period and today morning I got brown spotting what does it mean? Is that period or what
Answer: Hello, You should check your pregnancy from preganews for pregnancy confirm.
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