2 years old baby

Question: Hello I am unabel to teech my son to use washroom . He is now 2 years old Sometimes iam going harsh with him But then also he is not learning ... what to do plz help

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Answer: Hi! Remember that u don't give up, u wud end up having an easier life with a potty trained child. Take him to the washroom every two hours. Whether he does or not. Don't give up on that. If he pees in the training pants, let him know that it's wrong and that he is a big boy now. Whenever u use the washroom, inform him the reason you going, coz he needs to know that peeing is normal. There might me many times that u wud have to end up mopping the floor, but that's a part of this. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi my son is 2 years old but does not eat chappti. We feed him with mashed chappti. How we we get him to eat chappti??
Answer: Hello dear. You need to start gradually. I started by making my daughter busy with toys. She used to play while I fed her. Also made her sit outside watching the road and vehicles while I made her eat chapathi. Give very small bites at first which if not chewed doesn't stuck in throat. Also give baby's favourite veges along. I used to stuff boiled veges and make it a stuffed paratha and my daughter actually started eating that first. And gradually moved her to roti. Hope it helps.
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Question: My 2 years old is afraid of going to potty....how can i help him
Answer: Hello now u should start the potty training .Try these methods Take it slow. Try to be patient when training your baby while he tries to inculcate this new habit. It takes time to form a habit. Maintain the time   Begin with every 10 minutes trip to the toilet.  As baby comes in terms with the habit increase the time slowly to 20 mins and then more.  Code words in public  Have your own mommy-baby code words or some signals that are not embarrassing in the public to know when your baby wants to poo.  Encourage your baby Every time your baby follows the pooping and  peeing rules you have to load him with love and appreciation.  Be a superhero Relate the practice of going to the toilet as  a superhero habit of your baby’s favourite cartoon character and he will follow the lead.  Get the right potty Sometimes baby might not like to sit on the adult pots so you can switch to pots specially designed for toddlers.
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Question: My son is two years old. He is not toilet trained. I am trying hard with him. Plz suggest.
Answer: you will have to take care of the timing of your baby light early morning take a baby to baby potty make him sit for longer time so that if he wants to eliminate poop he should there after every half an hour take your baby and even once in the night wake up your baby and take him for the elimination if you follow this continuously your baby will now I understand that it is important for him to Pee or poop in the potty seat
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