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Question: Hello, I am having pcod problem and from last 2 months we are planning for pregnancy. My height is 5'5" and weight is 67 kg , how much weight should I maintain so that I can conceive easily.

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Answer: Hello, You have to take medicine for pcod not for periods, once you'll pcod starts getting solve or reduces the amount of cyst, your periods start automatically and once you'll start periods regularly you can try for pregnancy , so don't take medicine for periods, consult to any good doctor who can help you for pcod. And please maintain weight and do exercises daily and don't eat outside food or junk food.
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Question: My weight is 63 kg and my height is 5' approx and i m having pcod . difficult to conceive
Answer: Hi dear, PCOD is a life style based syndrome.usually women find quite difficult to conceive woth PCOD.they are prone to get diabetes and bp issues too.but with proper diet and lifestyle change you can definitely get pregnant and have easy delivery.include active lifestyle by exercising whole grains,complex carbs like brown rice,whole wheat flour,oats,quinoa.protein rich diet would make sure you have slow rise in sugar.lesa salt in diet could help control high bp.consult your doctor before planning for pregnancy.body mass needs to be between 18-25.yours seems to be on higher side.tpu need to bring it below 25 to conceive. To conceive make sure following tests are done: 1- TSH needs to be below 3 for conception 2- blood sugar levels are in range 3-blood pressure is optimal 4- if you have any period irregularities,check with any PCOD or endometriosis issues 5- BMI body mass index should be between 18-25 6- blood group of yours and husband 7- genetic disorders 8- iron level is above 11 Apart from that,you need to start taking folic acid supplement prior to conception. Healthy lifestyle,including diet and exercise needs to be started .
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Question: In 5 month how much weight should be gain? As i gained only 1.5 kg from starting and my height is 5'5.
Answer: Hi.. Dear it is ok, don't worry just make some changes in your diet. you can start your morning with calcium rich yogurt, cheese, fortified orange juice, sesame seeds bread, almonds, figs or scrambled tofu.. Oatmeal, spinach omelettes, peanut butter, dry fruits etc.. you can have cashews, almonds , apricots , raisins, dates, walnuts , and pistachios are some dry fruits to eat during pregnancy. Since dry fruits are nutritious, you should aim to include the recommended quantity in your diet each day. You need to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein, fibre and carbohydrates in your diet. Avoid unripe papaya and pineapple. Take folic acid and vitamin supplements if required, for your child healthy development and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
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Question: I have pcos and thyroid my height 151 cms and weight 67 kg what can I do for faster conceive
Answer: Dear the treatment can increase the chances of conceiving in those who wish to become pregnant. It can also help people to manage their symptoms. However, many women with fertility problems including PCOS can become pregnant with medical help.. The first step to take to increase the chances of pregnancy is for an individual to see a doctor and get an accurate diagnosis. By doing this, they can start treatment as soon as possible...
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