1 months old baby

Question: Hello.. I am confused, someone telling i can eat fruits, n someone telling i shud avoid fruits for 3 months??

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Answer: Hello! You should not avoid fruits during pregnancy at any point of time . Please definitely do take all fruits apart from pineapple. Fruits are very nutritious and hence important part of the diet. Take care
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Question: Can someone tell me what food should avoid..i am breastfeeding...which fruits can I eat?? What veggies can I take??
Answer: You can have chikoo, papaya, anjir.. spinach, bottle gourd, smooth gourd, these are easy to digest as baby's digestive system is not that strong. Don't eat maida, green chilly, spicy, oily, banana, guava. When you will eat anything just think that food you are giving to your baby by milk.
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Question: My baby is 3 months old can i eat black grapes,mango or which fruits should take or to avoid
Answer: Hello, Grapes and mangoes are highly nutritious fruits that do not have any known side effects while you are breastfeeding.
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Question: can I eat cucumber during this period ? and which all fruits I shud avoid in first 12 months ?
Answer: yes you can eat cucumber..you should avoid eating papaya and pineapple during pregnancy
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