36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello. I am an expecting mother (35 weeks pregnant). My recent scan showed chephalic position of baby of 2kgs. Is this baby weight ideal for this time? If not than how can i increase my baby's weight. Moreover its already in head down position, can i have early signs of labour?

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Answer: I do not worry the weight of the baby is normal however you should eat your food diet like a high protein rich diet which will help the baby to increase the evolution also protein powder added to the fore milk and drink that milk. Solution of more of milk and Milk products have green vegetables and fruits all this will help to increase the weight of the baby also the baby is cephalic position which is the head down position which is a ideal position for normal delivery and less the dr says that the baby has pushed down and is almost ready for labour there is nothing to worry the position head down is a very healthy and normal position for normal delivery
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Question: I completed my 37weeks today still the babys head is floating no signs of labour. This is my first pregnancy m expecting normal delivery, what shall I do?
Answer: Hello! talk to doctor and if possible go for exercise. That is the best way to get the head fixed. Try the butterfly and squats exercise. It are the ones that help. But start only after getting a green signal from the doctor.
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Question: Helo doc....i'm 36 weeks pregnant mother.....i want to know after baby's head down position in how many days labour pain start.....
Answer: The head should move further down into the pelvis. After that it can take a week or two.
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Question: Compared to before, I am having leg and back pain often.. my stomach feel heavy. Doctor said baby head is in down position....im scared are all these signs of early labour?
Answer: If baby is in headdown position then you will feel slight pain in the pelvis area.Slight pain is normal. If you have severe back pain or severe stomach pain then consult your doctor immediately...
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