33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, I am 33 weeks pregnant and my gynac has suggested sonography as he is doubtful that baby has not gained weight in the past 15 days.plz suggest n share it views

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Question: I have 23 weeks pregnant.. I have suddenly gained almost 5kgs in past 4 weeks.. is the weight gain normal?
Answer: weight gain is completely normal during pregnancy moreover it's important to gain weight because it's not only your weight but babys weight Placenta weight and amniotic fluid weight is also included in your weight. A healthy weight gain in full pregnancy is 15-20kgs. And most of the weight is reduced right after delivery and rest will be reduced by breastfeeding as breastfeeding burns alot of calories..
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Question: Hii, am 33 weeks pregnant, in the last scan Dr has told my baby has not gained weight. Baby is around 1.467gms. Could you suggest me how the baby weight should be inceread within 2-3 weeks.
Answer: To gain baby weight its important to have a healthy diet because your diet will help baby. So stay hydrated have small frequent meal and also stay stress free that is very much important.
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Question: I am 11 weeks pregnant so please share the symptoms as m not finding any symptom
Answer: Hi dear, it's not necessary that all pregnant women have same symptoms . In my pregnancy I had no cravings, no vomits, no pains till the end. So it's ok don't worry.
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