26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I am 26 weeks pregnant with second one I'm feeling sometimes racing of my heart beat and my pulse is 110. My OBG told to have one echo.... Is it normal of having pulse 110 please let me know.

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Answer: hi dear ! so normally when there is a baby inside the body dear then your pulse can increase which is not a problem but we should rule out other issues so better is to do a 2d echo that is told to you by the doctor dear. so do it and take the reports and visit your doctor . dont worry there wont be any problem but we have to be sure dear. take care.
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Question: I am done with abdominal 2 time's. The first time at 6 weeks 4 days and the heart beat is 110. The second time scan at 7 weeks 6 days and the heart beat is 164. Please let me know the heart beat is normal or not??
Answer: Dear it is abaolutely normal. The normal range of heartbeat ks 100 to 160. It may go a bit high in the initial weeks but will settle down in the mentioned for the rest of ur pregnancy. So relax there is nothing to be worried. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 6weeks pregnant and I have twins but one of them still not having heart beat please let me know if its normal
Answer: Hi dear what's the calculations for the twin pregnancy now if you're one of your foetus does not have a heart beat it then the doctor might ask you to wait for sometime usually heartbeat can be detected in babies between 6 to 9 weeks of pregnancy but sometimes even after 9 weeks heartbeat can be detected I would suggest you to not lose hope please think positive and follow what your doctor says go for the ultrasound after sometime or whenever your doctor has prescribed you to go and I am sure this time it would be positive.. All the best
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Question: Hi I'm 26 week pregnant I have vaginal pressure I can't sleep well and sometimes very difficult to walk is there any remedy . Please let me know
Answer: Hey dear, the problem you are having right now is quite common even I also experienced the same in my third trimester. If your pregnancy is normal you can try pelvic floor exercise that can but before doing that please consult doctor and take an USG to check your baby & Placenta position. Take complete rest as you are having a vaginal pressure. Take care.
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