12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Dr.. The report after 12w shows NT 1.2mm normal... Cardiac activity 146bpm.. single gestational sac having crl 54.7mm...could u plz let me know this in common man language.. not able to understand.. its almost 12w pregnancy

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Question: Could you please let me know about double marker test report as my report shows about low risk.. I am not able to understand
Answer: Dear low risk means ur test is negative and there is no need for further test required. Hope it helps.
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Question: 1st trimester scan report.. Real time B-mode sonagraphy of pelvis showed gravid uterus with single intra uterine gestation. Fetal biometry(All measurements are in mm.) G.s :- Regular,mm Fetal pole :- Visualised CRL:- 24mm Cardiac Activity :- present Fetal movement :- present Secondary yolk sac:- present Impression:- Single intra uterine gestation corresponding to a gestational age of 9.1 weeks Plz tell the brify expalnation of the report....
Answer: Gestational age is 9.1weeks Crl means crown to rump length means measurements of ur baby from top to bottom end is 24mm Fatal pole is visible cardiac activity means heartbeat of the baby is present..yolc sac is present and also ur baby has movements now Impresssingle intra uterine means u have single baby in us uterus (stomach) correspondence to a gestational age means according to ur baby measurement of the baby is 9.1weeks
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Question: Aaj ultrasound report me single irregular gestational sac seen, single fetus seen, fetal cardiac activity is absent, gestational sac-41. 0mm, crl-26. 7mm, gestational age is 9 wks 3 d., seriously reaction is subnormal, width of cervical canal is 6.5mm. Doctor ne missed abortion bola h kya karu PlZ help
Answer: Dear its a missed abortion. Since there is no cardiac activity, nothng can be done. U need to get it cleaned. I faced the similar situation thrice and today im pregnant with 25 weeks. So dnt worry next time everythng will be fine just consult a good gynaec and follow her advice.
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