1 months old baby

Question: Hello Dr. My baby is one month and 5 days old....i m giving her both bm and formula milk as my milk is not sufficient for her. I m giving her 70 ml in every two hr. After feed she become very uncomfortable and vomit out the some milk. But this discomfort remins and she gets irritated and ask for more milk. I dont know what to do. Plz suggest.

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Answer: Hello, m also a mother of 3month old baby.. As per my experience firstly u asked to doctor that how much fm u can give 2 ur child.. 70ml is actually little more, just give 60ml in every 3 hour if u give him also bm.. And when u start to eat everything thing then ur milk sufficient to ur child plz take daily doodh-daliya in ur breakfast and drink more milk as u can
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Question: As my breast feeding is not sufficient for my baby i am giving both bm and fm. How many times i can give formula milk per day. For one feed i am giving 50 ml formula milk. She is 35 days old
Answer: is your baby completely on breast milk or on formula milk too ? if your breastmilk is not sufficient for her , then you shoud Have fenugreek seeds ,fennel seeds,cumin seeds. Make ragi milkshake and drink.Apart from this massage your breast in circular motions and drink warm water. for the time being you can offer her formula milk. keep offering her breast milk every 2 hour, the more he will suck , the more milk will produce. drink loads of fluid either in the form of water or juices , shakes , soups etc. dont loose hope. keep trying!
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Question: Hi, my daughter is 6 m 10 days old, from wen can i start giving regular milk to her, since she doesn't drink formula milk n bm is not sufficient nowadays, i am giving her rice twice a day
Answer: Hie I would say. Wait for a couple of months Untill your baby turns 1 As your babys digestive system is immature and might not be able to digest cows milk at this point How ever you can offer your baby other calcium rich sources such as Yougurt -add fruits to it to up the nutrition value Paneer - homemade are the best and soft as well Ragi - is a rich source of calcium and iron
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Question: how to increase breast milk... I m giving her both lactogen and bm little.. pls help is there any way?
Answer: eat papaya n add more garlic in your lunch..it helps
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