31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Dr I m 31 weeks pregnant now I m suffering from sugar so I m so worried and my doctor give me medicine and diet so kindly let me know it will be effect my baby

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Answer: Hello.. Dear gestational diabetes is common, but if you follow diet and medicine to control, it won't affect baby in any way, along with diet, go for walking, do milx exercise will be helpful
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    Deepali Singh607 days ago

    OK thanks but Dr after I m eating sugar Medinice I feel very tired and no energy

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Question: Hello I m 33 weeks pregnant, I am suffering from diabetes plz let me know the diet plans and precautions
Answer: Hi dear just the diabetes is very common and you have to complete cut down your intake of sweets, sugary foods, fruits theatre high in Asus sugar like mango Chiku banana etc, also avoid starchy foods like potato sweet potato etc. Increase your fibre intake and eat more proteins like lentils, legumes soyabean, beans, egg, fish, chicken, vegetables, non sugar fruits, whole grain cereals and low fat milk and dairy products. Eat small portions of food after small time interval and drink plenty amount of water at least 10 to 12 glasses on regular basis. Also if you have no complications like low lying placenta then walking for 45 minutes to an hour will be helpful for you. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello everyone I am suffering from fever and I have 11days baby girl and my doctor out of station so kindly suggest which medicine can I take now?
Answer: you should contact your doctor on phone or consult some other doctors what medicine should be taken only with the consultation of doctor and also you should load your body with lots of fluids because it will help in maintaining proper body temperature and also make sure to drink something hot a such as a vegetable soup or drink hot cup of ginger tea or Tulsi tea. where loose and comfortable clothes and take as much rest as you can but keep on eating something healthy after every hour for example eat apple slices at 10:00 am . then eat another fruit at 11:00 am..
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Question: Hello experts, my baby now suffering from sticky (cold) nose and cough...doctor give him medicine bt still not effect...plz suggest me something to relief my child..
Answer: Hello ..for cold cough you make a oil..take mustard oil put garlic And ajwain and boil it...later strain it. .this oil is very effective for babies you apply it on chest and back .you can also take a potli of ajwain give a warm compress on body of baby(just hot the potli on iron check warm on ur skin first and than put on baby)it wil help the mucus of nose to melt out. Also put saline nose drops so the baby feel relieved and gets sound sleep.
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