13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Doctor, please advise if there is an alternate for Duphaston tablet? Does Jigest has similar benefits?

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Answer: Hi! duphaston is basically progesterone spplements and there are many supplements available but if you are having any problem specifically with duphaston please talk to your doctor and based on your doctor's advice change the medicine please do not go ahead on your own to change the medicine .. Hope this helps!
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Question: What is subchorionic hematoma? Please suggest if we have is there any risk?? please answer this question please
Answer: Yes there are alot of risk in subchronic hematoma but by having strict bed rest, avoiding sex, avoiding standing for long hours..will help you to overcome this and decrease the risk of hematoma on your baby.. Do u have bleeding?? Or clots?? Progestrone tablets and injections will be given to u by ur dr. In this and simply u need to do rest and rest..
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Question: Duphaston tablet is for what
Answer: It is give to preoareuterus lining for implantation and after pregnancy it is given to keep the lining intact
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Question: Today morning I vomited in red color in empty stomach. Has any1 faced this during 20week pregnant? Please advise if any1 is aware of this
Answer: Yes even I faced this once when I was feeling like feverish
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