2 months old baby

Question: Hello Doctor, My baby will be turning 2 months on 9th Dec, just wanted to ask my baby was given a shot of BCG and polio drops, while I was reading this post I saw that hep-b should also be given,which my pediatric didn't suggest. Please let me know by when can I give it.

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Question: Hello, for my baby they didn't vaccinate hep b only vit k has given during the time of birth, they told bcg opv and Hep b will be given at the same time here govt hospital they gave only bcg and opv but not hep b what to do i am so worried
Answer: Hep B 1 is given after birth and at 6 weeks hepB2 is given. If it is not given in govt hospital then you can consult with private doctor once of it can be given now. As baby is just few days old i think it can be given now. So talk to private doctor and discuss this.
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Question: Hi.. My baby boy is 10days old, He was given polio drops on his birth, and on 10th day while giving him BCG vaccine, he was also given polio drops again by nurse. Is it a matter to worry if he is given polio drops twice in 10 days?
Answer: No don't worry if Polio drops were given a frequently but make sure that this doesn't repeats in future
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Question: My son is born on 1st nov..is turning 1.5 mnths on 15 dec..can i delay his vaccination to be given in 6th week by a week
Answer: Hello my daughter is also born on 1st Nov..u can delay it by 17 not more than that.. today itself I asked my pediatrician
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