27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Heavy toe paining what was the home remedies pls tell me

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Answer: Home test is positive it's a gud news. pls consult the doctor immediately.
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Question: My Baby was suffering heavy cough please tell me home remedies
Answer: Hello... Dear to reduce cold and cough in jnfants, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Breast milk is a natural source of antioxidants,it alone can do wonders in reducing cough of babies , so breast feed as you can. Heat coconut oil with garlic,pepper,and little turmeric powder,use ts oil and massage in throat,chest for five minutes,it will helps in reducing cough effectively Apply Vick's in a betel leaf and keep it under lamp for two min,then massage baby's chest with that leaf,it will cure cough a lot Massage with warm mustard oil,will also reduce cough You can dry roast a tbsp of ajwan ,till it's aroma comes,make a potli,use this as a compress , effective in reducing cold and cough
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Question: My Baby was suffering heavy cough please tell me some home remedies
Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is suffering from cough then try home remedies : 1. Saline drops and bulb syringes :When kids are too young to blow their nose well, saline drops or a bulb syringe can clear his nose. Using a bulb syringe works best for young babies, especially if a stuffy nose interferes with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. 2.Steam: Breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. A warm bath has the added benefit of relaxing your child. 3. a cool-mist humidifier will help loosen mucus
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Question: Now im 33 week pregnancy what was the home remedies for rough cough. Pls tell me
Answer: Hi dear,Take tea glass of hot milk mix with turmuric powder and pepper mix well and drink.Garlic and ajwain are a very powerful cure for a cough and cold as they contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. and Turmeric can help in relieving the symptoms of a cold as it has anti-viral and anti-bacterial .tq
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