Few days old baby

Question: He dsnt get inaff fid of mine

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Answer: Dear, If your milk production was OK earlier and now getting slow it means you are not taking healthy diet. But don't worry, Here are some foods and remedies ,which can help to increase breast milk supply. First, Baby sucking actually help to increase breast milk, offer your breast when baby more hungry. Masur Dal... This is most important. Take everyday one glass masur dal with ghee. Add Oatmeal...Cinnamon or honey..... Spinach... Garlic. ...Brewer's yeast...Fenugreek. ...Apricots... In your diet as much as possible. One more simple remedies, which I tried in my time. Prepare homemade powder for increasing milk supply. Dry roast equal quantities of cumin and fennel seeds till they turn aromatic. Cool them and grind to powder. Mix ½ tsp powder in ½ tsp warm ghee and consume 30 minutes before food 2 to 3 times a day. Desi ghee works best. This can be consumed for 2 weeks, followed by a break for 4 to 5 days and then repeat the cycle. This also helps to reduce colic in breastfed babies. A small portion of ajwain/ carom seeds can also be included.
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Question: My baby somtym dsnt burp after feeding n goes to sleeep in d night at tymes i get worried is it ok is she dsnt burp??
Answer: Yes, but you must hold up right for 15 minutes in daytime. And atleast a minute during night feedings
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Question: my baby sleeps fr 4 hours continsly dsnt get up fr feed wht to do
Answer: New borns take time to drink milk. Often times a baby will be extremely sleepy after birth and not interested in the breast, or the baby will latch on to the breast and not suck at all. There are many other reasons that why baby is not breastfeeding --- C section babies are often very sleepy. After normal birth with long and difficult labour baby is quite exhausted and need to rest a bit first. Any pain medications that were given during labour are likely to make baby sleepy. Premature birth. Separation from mother. Some tips to breastfeed--- Keep your baby near to you ( skin to skin contact). It is best solution to breast feed. Hold your breast and close to baby give your nipple in baby's mouth. Try this 2 to 4 times baby will try to suck. Rub your nipples on baby's cheeks. If these tips will not help then take help from lactation consultation.
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Question: my baby dsnt pee much often... he is 2 mnths old.. even aftr 2 3 hours his diaper dsnt have sign of pee... is it smthng to worry?
Answer: Baby should pee minimum 5 to 10 times per day..is baby getting sufficeint milk for feeding? Consult ur paedtrician
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