25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hb level 10 itz dangerous or not

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Answer: hi dear in most of the mothers during pregnancy HB level ranges between 10 to 11. So there is nothing to worry. I will suggest you to eat iron rich food such as a leafy green vegetables, Rajma , whole grain cereals , banana ,pomegranate etc. You also should eat foods rich in vitamin C (any citrus fruit/vegetable). Vitamin C helps to absorb more iron from foods. I hope this will help you.
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Question: I m 7 week pregnant my hb level is very low 6.5 . It is a dangerous or not?
Answer: Yes you hemoglobin level is quite lower and you are any make that to may Harm to your pregnancy as well. You should eat food that are high in iron content to improve your hemoglobin level like potato sweet potato beetroot carrot Pumpkin Pumpkin seeds flax seeds dark green leafy vegetables dark chocolate chicken soybean in your regular diet. Also with this you have to eat some fruits like a pomegranate banana fig Orange sweet lime etc. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C that helps proper absorption of iron from that in supplements which will help to improve hemoglobin level. Also check Iron supplements given by you doctor properly doctor me give you injections to improve your Hb level at the time of delivery. Take care.
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Question: My Hb level 10
Answer: Hi Here are the some remedies to improve hb levels during pregnancy..take iron rich foods and folic acid rich food which are responsible for the improvement of the hb levels...Iron-rich foods include:meat and fish ,soy products,eggs,dried fruits, such as dates and figs,broccoli,green leafy vegetables, such as kaleand spinach green beans.Good sources of folate include:beef ,spinach,rice.peanuts,black-eyed peas,kidney beans,avocadoes,lettuce.
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Question: Ph using is dangerous or not?what is itz limitz
Answer: Hi dear, You need to take extra precautions to ease the worries. Here are a few tips that will keep you and your baby safe while using mobile: Keep your mobile phone a few feet away if you are not using it You can consider using a hands-free device like speaker phone or headset Instead of talking, opt for texting, and while sending the text, keep the phone as far away as possible before pressing the send button. In case the call is urgent, keep it as short as possible. Whenever possible, use a corded phone. Make calls in areas with high coverage of network and avoid the ones with the low reception since the phone emits more radiation because it tries harder to connect. Reducing your screen time is advisable during all stages of life, particularly during pregnancy, where everything that you experience has a direct impact on your baby’s health. Do not carry mobile in your pocket since it can be close to your belly Do not keep the mobile under your pillow when sleeping
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