35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Having pain underneath breast on left side. Is it harmful to baby or mom. I am 35 weeks now

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Question: having pain in left side under breast is it fine i am 7 month pregnant
Answer: Hello dear yes this is normal.. It's rib pain.. Rib pain during pregnancy is usually experienced in the third trimester, although for some women it can begin even earlier.Rib pain during pregnancy is caused by pressure from the top of your growing uterus, as well as your baby kicking or punching the area.Make yourself as comfortable as possible by wearing loose fitting clothes Support yourself with cushions when lying down Sit up straight and don’t hunch over – create more room, while supporting your back Avoid sitting down for too long – every two hours (or less if it helps), get up and take a stretch break or short walk Heat packs or cold packs – whatever works best for you A nice hot shower on your back (be sensible with this one – not too hot!) Exercises that help you stretch out and support your body, like swimming Cut out inflammation causing foods which can make you feel worse – most importantly, sugar and grains. Reducing these two will also significantly reduce your risk of gestational diabetes. Stretch! -
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Question: I am 35 weeks pregnant. I am having a constant pain on my left side of lower abdomen. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear. Constant pain is not normal in case it is very severe. If it is mild it could be due to expanding uterus putting pressure and your growing baby also causing pressure on the surrounding nerves. If the pain is severe then you need to consult doctor. Hope it helps.
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Question: Mam I am one and half mnth pregnant now n FHR is 118bpm.. I am having pain on my left side.. Is it normal or something is serious??
Answer: Dear the heartbeat should be between 110 to 160 bpm and urs is between the range so there is nothing to be worried. The pain on ur left side is due to ur uterus expanding as ur uterus is expanding which is normal and there is nothing to be worried. Hope it helps.
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