38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Having pain in pubic area since a week..I went to see Dr. But she said its due to infection..but its getting more. R these labour pains ?

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Answer: hello dear, normally pubic pain doesnt indicate labour. If you feel pelvic muscle cramps or water break or mucus plug release then it could be signs of labour.
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Question: hi.. can u tell me why pubic area pain in right side Dr said its a urine infection.. I take medicine also but I can't relief.. tell me what can I do.. I'm 5mth 5day pregnant..
Answer:  One of the first things to do when u have a urinary infection drink plenty of water. That's coz drinking water can help flush away the bacteria that's causing ur infection. Drink 8 to 10 glass water daily. Getting plenty of vitamin C foods are important coz large amounts of vitamin C make urine more acidic. Inflammation and irritation from UTIs cause burning, pressure and pain around your pubic area. Applying a heating pad can help soothe the area. Empty ur bladder frequently when urge. Wear only cotton panty. Avoid harsh soap or body wash in the gental area.
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Question: Doctor told 2cm.dilation of cervix...she said active labour can start in this week...but i m not having much pain or any pressure in pubic area...she called me again after 1 day...
Answer: Hi...if ur getting pain in stomach, back pain or abdomen pain then u can go fo labor else they will suggest IOL. If ur not having any problem like high BP, low water level or any previous Pregnancy problem then you can wait until getting labor pain.
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Question: My edd is 17 nov but dr said stilll w8 but still no labour pain plzzz telll meee its normal..... & tell mee someting for labour pains...... Plzzz help
Answer: In my case same happened. After due date only I admit hospital they gave medication for pains but I had c section my baby is 4 kg so normal was not happen.dont worry don't take stress better to join in hospital with dr suggestions.
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