37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Having less baby motion..38 week pregnant..is there anything to worry?

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Answer: Hello dear 🙂 there is nothing to worry about.... you are in third trimester, baby is growing in size so not getting enough space to move that's it so relax and enjoy your pregnancy
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    Lakhimoni Ozah634 days ago


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Question: Hi, I'm 39 week pregnant from morning I'm having loose motion is anything to worry about it??
Answer: U need to see doctor n get ultrasound urgently last time it happen to my sister n she gave birth the next day
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Question: Hi....m having back pain since morning...is there anything to worry...m 36+ week pregnant
Answer: Hi ... congratulations for your pregnancy...if you u hav backpain radiating towards both hip joint..and . simultaneously with abdominal contraction..both are periodically..( means with in secific period)then its labour pain..if u hav only back pain no any radiating pain symptoms then nothing to worry...plz take rest..
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Question: having right leg pain and cramp 8 week pregnant . isn't there anything to worry
Answer: No same happens with me its just cramping which will go away after delivery uUST long hours sitting and standing posture and walk regularly minimise ur pain
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