1 months old baby

Question: Having blood motions since two days how to cure

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Answer: Go to doctor immediately.
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Question: Hi am in 37th week .. I am having loose motions since yesterday... How to cure this please help me
Answer: Hi! Loose motion during 9th month is common and i hv heard its said to have your due date near. You can follow some home remedies to get relief: You can have 3-4 teaspoon honey in water mix and drink it everyday. Ginger root tea, it helps soothe the stomach. Blend half teaspoon lemon juice, galf teaspoon ginger powder and crush few pepper, add quarter teaspoon to the mix and have. Please remember, it will only help to balance the waterloss during pregnancy but will not cure any under lying illness. Hope this helps!
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Question: Two months old baby having sweat bubbles how to cure
Answer: Hello dear, sweat rashes are common in infants because their skin is extremely sensitive and delicate.. so you could wipe the sweat off with a dry cloth and clean the baby with a wet towel... Once the baby's skin is dry apply some mild lotion, change the baby's clothes and diapers frequently, do not expose the baby to the sun for a long time, avoid tight clothes...dress your baby in lose and comfortable cotton clothes, let there be air circulation in the baby's room...hope this helps..
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Question: How to cure loose motions
Answer: Hi dear U can take Lemon water And u also drink coconut water.. This will help u
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