35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Have severe itching on the red coloured stretch marks on the lower belly. How to control itching sensation.

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Answer: Applying some virgin coconut oil over it every 4-5 hours will help reduce the itching sensation dear...
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    Ramp385 days ago

    Thanks. Where can I get genuine virgin coconut oil in Mumbai.

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Question: Hi...have started getting red stretch marks on my lower belly and it is extremely itchy. What does this mean and how to control itchiness.
Answer: Hey dear, it's very common when your abdomen is stretching because of growing uterus. If stretchability of your skin is less then you will get such stretch marks because of stretching of the skin you are getting too much itchiness. That same happened with me when I was pregnant and still all these stretch marks are there in my lower abdomen though l I tried every possible way to reduce my stretch marks before delivery and post delivery but there is no use of it😦😦. You can apply coconut oil to get relief from itchiness. Hope that will help.
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Question: How to reduce red coloured stretch marks after pregnancy?
Answer: Body requires collagen. So if you can apply collagen at stretch marks you see results soon. Stretch marks are also formed due to lack of moisture. So keep the place and your body always hydrated. You can use shea cocoa butter, aloe Vera gel etc. Eat food that is rich in vitamin c. Slowly marks will fade.
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Question: How to remove stretch marks? I have red stretch marks on my abdomen.
Answer: Yes,its completely safe.Breastmilk has antibodies whivh protects babies from various infections.But make sure you always use sanitizer before handling baby and his/her products.😊😊
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