23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai today is my USG OBG scan with 3D and 4D in that they observed in skeletal survey the fietal long bone shows obvious decrease in length 8weeks difference than BPD, HC and AC

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Answer: hi dear if you are ultrasound scan with 3D and 4D has observed difference of around 8 weeks with the head circumference abdominal circumference and bpd it can be a case of IUGR that is a growth retardation in baby where in the baby is small then then what the baby should be according to the gestational age please don't worry there are successful stories of ugr babies who are normal and healthy and can grow well please listen to what your doctor says your doctor might put you in medication for sometime and it will be followed frequently as to what is the growth of the baby and you need to have a very good diet and a lot of rest.. More power to you Momma!
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    Shahana S687 days ago

    Now. Its 26week

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Question: I am 31week pregnant....growth scan at 31 week shows in fetal biometry 28 week in AC and FL.but shows BPD 31week and HC 30 week....is baby growth is normal or delay?
Answer: I m also have that problem.... depending on the baby biometric some cases your edd will be change but not surely.... my edd is 12.3 but still i didnt hv labour pain now my final edd date is 25.3.... my gestational age is 40 weeks nd above but my baby growth is 39 weeks so dont bother about that.....
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Question: my growth scan shows AC and HC lower than 5 percentile, Is there deformaty in the fetus
Answer: No it just means that the size of the baby's head and abdominal circumference could be smaller than average.But sometimes these scans are inaccurate.Also they might ask to induce your labour earlier than your delivery dat if they feel there could be complications
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Question: I take scan today. It shows BPD 76mm; HC 271mm ;AC 239Mm;FL 53.9mm;FW 1250gms; GA 29weeks 3 days and presentation is cephalic. Is it normal? Cephalic position means wat
Answer: Hi Dear, Cephalic position is nothing but the baby head is placed well with pelvis it helps for the normal delivery. So be happy and think positive ...
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