1 months old baby

Question: Hai,my second babe is four months old,undergone c sec.after my first csec n stoppage of breast feeding i am having bowel movement problem.this time it created lot of problems.pricking pain all time in abdomen,mainly naval n stitches.egg if i eat ,naval gets tighten n painful.give me solution

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Question: I had csec ,its 5th month i did not start my exercise....first babe delivery after that i am having bowel movement problem.past three days i ave pricking pain abdomen n stitches and with severe back pain.how to get rid
Answer: Please continue taking medicines which are prescribed by your doctor post delivery. Don't stop taking them.. stitches will not heal so easily so try to reduce too much exercise and work...
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Question: My 37th week is going and from three days i experience a lot of pain in my abdomin .. first 2 days i felt in lower abdomen n back n 3rd day in upper abdomen.. in my tummy n it was the worst pain.. why it's happening just at night time i am sick of crying n awkening all the night plz tell me what can be the reason behind that it is extremely painful
Answer: Hi As the baby grows, your uterus is expanding and your ligaments are stretching your organs around uterus are forced to shift So slight pain can be expected however if the pain is severe it's best to consult with your gynaclogist regarding same
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Question: Hii. I want to knw the tips for normal delivery.as i hv deliverd by c sec four years before. That was vry painful. So nw i do hard work for normal delivery.i go to school nd take tutions nd all care of my first baby.nd all house work. Inspite of this.plz tell more suggestions.doctor told that if first baby was by c sec then second will also by c sec. Is it really true???my 9th mo th is running frm 3rd feb onwards. Plllzzzzz answer...
Answer: Yes , usually if 1 delivery was c sec , 2nd also will get by c sec only... But in some cases hav got their 2nd delivery through vaginal though their 1st was c sec.. it depends on body to body nd u hav 4 years gap na u can try for normal delivery nd tht too under ur gyne suggestions. Well! I hav 2 kids both r normal delivery... I did squats, pelvic exercises, walking , steps climbing , nd house hold work too... These exercises really helped me nd both deliveries done in less duration .. tht is 1st delivery was took 7 hrs nd 2nd took only 4 to 5 hrs becoz of these exercises only... All the best
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Question: Is it possible to avoid epidoria injection in second time pregnancy...my first child was born through c section and the same injection was given which gives me lot of back pain all the time
Answer: Hi dear, if you are opting for c section & you dont wants to take epidoria injection then you have to ask your doctor for full anasthesia ( inhaleing chloform / ethar) ,if your present body condition permits this. For full anasthesia your cardiac activity should be normal. Take care, all the best.
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