1 months old baby

Question: Hai my baby is 25 days old ...his poop is watery yellowish and was pooping all the day in very small amounts..due to this his anus become red in colour...is this a prblm .pls reply me

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Answer: Hi dear, Frequent pooping is not an issue.it is common in new borns.as long as the poop color is yellow ,not a problem.the acidic content in poop,would irritate the sensitive skin and give rashes .so keep applying coconut oil to avoid any peeling or burning sensation there.
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Question: Hii.. My baby is three months old.. He is on bf only... Since last 15 days he is pooping 2 to 4 times a day and his poop is greenish yellow in colour... His eyes are also watery... Please guide
Answer: Greenish yellow potty is due to cold u should consult doctor once. watery is also symptom of cold and cough.
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Question: hi my 4 month old baby does poop 4 times a day daily and his poop is watery is this normal. when poop become solid.
Answer: Hello! An exclusive breast fed baby will have watery poop and if he poops once in 10 days also then it is normal and nothing to worry about. Once your baby starts semi solids the poop will become solids.
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Question: Hii ma'am, my son is 8days old.. Whenever he releases gas through anus he is pooping out small amounts of poop. Is this normal. This is happening more during evening and nights..
Answer: Hi dear yes it is absolutely normal. Nothing to worry. Do clean up when he do so properly. Also do feed breast milk to baby properly for better health.
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