3 months old baby

Question: Hai my baby head is hot since a week

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Answer: Hi dear its completely normal. It's common for all the babies.No need to worry about it. Baby's head will be warm than rest of the body due to larger head surface area, any temperature above 100F is a fever. No need to give any medicine for that. Always measure temperature in armpits only.
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Question: My baby head is always hot but his other areas r cold...is hot head common
Answer: Hello! Hot head is common in babies and nothing to be worried about. Take care
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Question: My baby head is hot since from 2days wht is reason behind tht
Answer: Ho,if your baby head us hit you should check the temperature of the baby and if that is normal than there s nothing to worry about If the baby had temperature than you should consult your Dr about this
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Question: From yesterday onward s my baby head is hot, some time full body hot like a fever, is normal?
Answer: Maybe because of teething. Check temperature regularly. If more than 99 consult doctor
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