39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai mothers, mine 38 weeks completed but still not getting colostrum. Is it fine am i able to produce milk after delivery

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Answer: hi don't worry it is not necessary that every woman should I feel this colosyr coming out before r delivery don't worry you will be able to feel your baby you may be required to do a proper breast massage with your lactation doctor will help you with but don't worry at all
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Question: I am pregnant and I have completed the half of my 7th month but still the colostrum is not producing so is it OK??? Is it sign that my breasts can't produce milk After delivery??? Am I not able to feed my baby when He or she came???
Answer: Hi.. Don't worry dear as every pregnant women don’t get leaky breasts during pregnancy. But, even if you don’t have leaking colostrum, it’s still being generated in your breasts. If you’d like, you can try gently squeezing your areola to see if you can express a few drops.
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Question: Hai mothers am 36 weeks pregnant but still not getting colostrum. Is there any relation between progesterone tablets in early preagnancy and breast colostrum during pregnancy. My doubt is does i get milk or not after delivery for my baby
Answer: Hi yes its absolutely normal. This doesn't means that you wont be able to feed in future. I too never had these discharge but i am still feeding my baby and she is 15 months old now. So dont worry if colostrum leaks it fine but if dont it fine then also. Good luck.
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Question: M 36 weeks pregnant but my breast is nt producing colostrum can i b able to produce milk after delivery pls reply
Answer: Hi dear surely u will get the even after delivery and it is completely normal as I also got the supply after 4 days of delivery. And it is normal.
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